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28 Mar 2019

Stop And Stair: Ideas To Decorate Your Staircase

Stop And Stair: Ideas To Decorate Your Staircase

A lot of attention is given to decorating every room in the house, but there is one area which is often overlooked. You probably use your stairs every day, so why not make it a beautiful display? Here are some genius ideas for decorating your stairs.

Display Artwork

No room to display your artwork? No worries, you can hang art paintings on your staircase wall. If you want to hang an equal number of art then you have to make sure the photo frames are at least two to three inches shorter than stair breadths.  It will give enough breathing space between the frames.

Squeeze in More Plants

No matter how different your decor style, there is no denying fact that greenery is the name of the game when you decorate your staircase. You can place some small indoor plants in beautiful pots along the edges of your staircase or at the bottom of stairwells and it will look stunning.

Hanging plates in a stairway

Plate collections are one of the best things to use to decorate large areas of the stairway. These colourful plates are so versatile and can be used in almost any decor style right from the most contemporary to the ultra-traditional and everything in between. 

Mirror for Minimalists

If you want to keep your staircase simple – this option is probably the winner for all minimalist! If you think your stairs are already beautiful you don’t want to do much, then you just grab a simple mirror and hang it up– it’s a perfect way to highlight staircase even without a lot of natural light.

Line Your Stairs with Bookshelves

If you are a book lover, then you are always run places to store your favourite books. Staircase bookshelves are a unique and creative way to display your collection and it allows you to fit more books. A bookshelf staircase can really transform an entire space and gives a precious antique look.



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