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Gaurav Srivastava | 30 Nov 2022

Should you sell your property during the festive season?

Should you sell your property during the festive season?

Table of Contents

  1. Winter buyers are statistically more serious​
  2. Year-end job transfers
  3. Festive neighborhoods are attractive
  4. Fewer homes on the market, meaning less competition
  5. Flexible Schedules

We think that selling your property during the festive season is a great idea and one that will get you both prosperity and profit. Yes, you read that right. Even though most real estate guides advise sellers to avoid putting up their houses for sale during the festive season, we think otherwise. 

Most people decide to put off selling till after the holiday season is over. The mindset that everyone during these months is busy, mostly tired, and spending all their time with their friends and families is true, but not entirely. While the festive season may not be the exact ideal time to put up your house for sale, there surely are ample reasons why you should at least consider doing so.

Winter buyers are statistically more serious 

During the spring and summer seasons, have you noticed an increase in the number of open houses and the variety of homes that are up for sale? Home buying is a serious decision and not many people who take part in open houses are too serious about actually buying a home. Some might just be present to inquire and gain knowledge. 

It is the people that make the effort of house hunting during the festive season that are the most serious. Serious buyers also lead to quicker sales since no one wants to spend all their time house hunting during the festive season.

Year-end job transfers 

As you would already know, timing is a factor that always needs to be considered in the real estate business. Year-end is the time when most employees are notified about their job transfers or confirmation on a new job that might require them to move across cities. The first step for any individual is to start house hunting and that is where you come in handy! 

Festive neighborhoods are attractive 

Just close your eyes for a second and imagine how your home would look to an outsider when decorated with fairy lights and garlands, all lit up for the festive season. Now, do you see why you should be listing your home up for sale during this time? Homebuyers are attracted to houses that seem inviting and comfortable. The end of the year is the time when your home can give a vibe that is homely, warm, and positive. Naturally, buyers are interested in buying houses where the vibe is just right. 

Fewer homes on the market, meaning less competition 

You will barely face any competition during this time because most sellers wait till the spring or the summer season to list their property for selling. A variety of homes give buyers a chance to be picky in terms of prices and other facilities. Since there will be a lot fewer homes listed during the festive season, you will get a chance to earn more interest, receive multiple offers, and even persuade the home buyers to settle on terms that are favorable to you. 

Flexible Schedules

According to statistics, most Indians take a leave during the festive season at the end of the year. This not only gives them a lot of free time on their hands but also gives them a chance to utilize this time. During this period, sellers should try and make themselves available on not just weekends but also during “unusual times” like the weekdays! 

At the end of the day, the decision is entirely yours. It is only when you will give selling during the festive season a real chance, will you know whether these benefits are actually for real. While there are a lot of predictions about the ideal time for selling your property, we believe that it ultimately depends on the seller to seller, and their ways of doing business. Believe it or not, selling at this time of the year poses an opportunity for you to create the kind of environment and relation with your buyers in a way that might not be possible during any other season. 

Without a doubt, homebuyers can sometimes make selling a tedious task. You might not even feel like getting out of bed during these shorter days and colder nights, let alone actually selling a house! However, the satisfaction of coming back home to hot chocolate and your fully decorated house for New Year, that too after you have made a great sale is a different feeling in itself. 

Basically, what we really mean to say is that it is never actually a dull day to sell your property!


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