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10 Apr 2021

Repaint Your Bathroom And Give A New Look

Repaint Your Bathroom And Give A New Look

Wondering how could you instantly revamp your bathroom? The quickest way to do this is by repainting. A proper remodelling is time-consuming whereas repainting takes much less effort and money. It's time to say "Goodbye" to the boring bathroom looks and take inspiration from our different colour ideas. Image Source - forthefloorandmore.com

Pink is playful

The colour theory says pink is intimate and represents self-love. Hence, it does make a good choice as a bathroom colour. In the presence of a pink space, let your mood be fun and playful.​

Creating a fresh vibe with turquoise

You gotta take seriousness away from your bathroom and bring some fresh vibes. Paint the bathroom turquoise and make the space bright. Contemporary homes seem to prefer shades of turquoise a lot. Image Source - i.pinimg.com​ 

A dark shade of green

A dark shade of green could be an unexpected colour for your bathroom. But what's the harm in experimenting? The colour does add personality to your personal space and gives almost the look of a dense forest landscape. Image Source - i.pinimg.com  ​

Feel cosy with brown

Entering into a brown bathroom instantly makes one feel warm and cosy. Opt for a brown paint to make an earthy statement. Image Source - abihome.me ​



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