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Ipsa Rai | 17 Feb 2023

Registration Department Kerala: Online Steps To Check Land Value

Registration Department Kerala: Online Steps To Check Land Value

Table of Content: 

  1. Registration Department Of Kerala Online Portal
  2. Stamp Duty and Registration Fees in Kerala
  3. Steps To Check Your Land Value Online In Kerala
  4. Steps To Register Property In Kerala
  5. Registration Department of Kerala: Fair Value Search VS. Market Value Search
  6. Property Registration Documents Required Under Registration Department of Kerala
  7. Registration Department of Kerala: Online Portal As IGR Kerala

The state of Kerala is making great strides toward fully computerising its land registry. They've implemented IGR in Kerala, just like many other states have.  An Inspector General of Registration and Stamps (IGR Kerala) is responsible for overseeing stamp and registration matters in Kerala.  The registration and stamp duty due in Kerala is collected here in accordance with the Indian Stamp Act and the Indian Registration Act. You can verify the market value of the land on which stamp duty and registration are based through the IGR Kerala portal. Document registration and the payment of stamp duty, on the other hand, are handled through a different portal in the state. Let's learn more about the operation of the Registration Department of Kerala and the services that are available to the public.

Registration Department Of Kerala Online Portal: A Brief

The Registration Department, Government of Kerala is responsible for maintaining the IGR Kerala website, which can be found at www.igr.kerala.gov.in. One of Kerala's oldest departments, the registration division has assisted in making registration the third-highest revenue generator.  The Kerala registration department online has minimised fraud and enhanced process transparency. The IGR Kerala has two websites, one for registration and the other for calculating the market value of land. 

Registration Department Of Kerala Online Services:

  • Certificate of Encumbrance Issuance

  • Instructions for paying registration and stamp duties

  • Documents required for the registration of property

  • Request for a Marriage Certificate

  • Sign Up for Chitty

Stamp Duty and Registration Fees in Kerala

Stamp duty in Kerala is currently set at 8% of the value of a home or other property, regardless of the owner's gender. Stamp duty amounts to 8% of the purchase price when a man and a woman purchase real estate together. Discounts for female business owners are available in a limited number of states, however. 

Both men and women in Kerala must pay a property registration fee equal to two percent of the home's value. Any person who acquires legal title to real property must first pay registration fees.

Keep reading about the Stamp Duty Charges levied across India.

Steps To Check Your Land Value Online In Kerala

Follow these steps on the IGR Kerala portal to verify the land's true market value:-

  • First, visit the IGR Gov Kerala's official website on your web browser to access the IGR Kerala homepage. 

  • Next, select "Search Fair Value of Land" by clicking the link provided. 

  • After clicking "Next," a new page will load where you can enter your district, RDO, taluk, village, land type, block number, survey number, and other relevant details. It's important to note that only the required fields (those marked with an asterisk*) need to be completed. To see your current fair value, select View Fair Value. 

  • Lastly, after clicking through, you'll see an updated page with the fair value estimates for Kerala property. 

Steps To Register Property In Kerala

The process of registering a property can be done quickly and easily. On the online Kerala registration department’s website, you will find the option to register your property. 

To register the property online in Kerala, please carry out the following steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the website of the Registration Department of Kerala.

  • Step 2: Go to a new website by selecting Online Applications. 

  • Step 3: Navigate to the Online Document Details Entry and log in using your credentials; if you haven't already, you'll need to register for an account first.

  • Step 4: Choose a time slot to register your property with the SRO; you'll need to go there on that day at that time.

  • Step 5: A window labelled "Transaction Type Selection" will pop up.

  • Step 6:  You'll specify the presenter, the property, the witness, the stamp, and the document. Make a secure online payment by selecting your preferred payment method when prompted.

  • Step 7:  Print out an acknowledgment slip with information about the presentation, such as the department's reference number, the time and date of the presentation, and the location. 

In Kerala, there are two main categories of property valuation: fair value and market value. Kerala's local government establishes the rate of fair value, also known as land value, for all real estate. In contrast, market value refers to the price at which a property can be sold in the current market conditions. 

If the market value is lower than the fair value, the fair value will be used to calculate the stamp duty and registration fees in Kerala. When calculating stamp duty and other fees, the market value of the land is taken into consideration, and if it is higher, this factor is given more weight.  

The fair market value on the date of execution of the document is used to determine the amount of stamp duty and registration fees. The fair value of the land has been revised, but this should not result in a change to the deed.  

Want to have a deeper understanding about the difference between the two? Know here.

Property Registration Documents Required Under Registration Department of Kerala

The registration of property is a legal process that relies heavily on the production of official documents. Once you register your property, you have full rights to it under the law. To avoid any last-minute hiccups, make sure you have the following items with you when you go to register a property:

  • A copy of the deed from the office of registration

  • A copy is a mutation application. 

  • Form IB, both a copy and the original 

  • Building valuation certificate, which must be approved under Stamp Act sections 28B or 28C.

  • Aadhar Card

  • Form I 

  • PAN Card

  • The TRR (Mutation) application form must be submitted electronically to the Revenue Department. 

  • Form No. 58 is a declaration regarding the ownership of excess land, and both copies must be signed. 

  • If the transaction amount is more than Rs. 10 lakh and one of the parties involved does not have a PAN card, then Form 60 (IT) must be submitted.  

  • If the property cannot be sold, then you are required to have a NOC. 

  • Original and duplicate Title Deeds from all previous transactions  

  • Proof of identity for each of the parties involved.

Registration Department of Kerala: Online Portal As IGR Kerala

Finally, the state of Kerala has begun digitising its land registration process by launching an online portal known as IGR Kerala. The purpose of the IGR Kerala is to collect stamp duty and other charges from residents of Kerala when they purchase real estate. You can use the portal to research the property's market value. You can do chitty registration, apply for an encumbrance certificate, and check stamp duty and fees on the registration portal.  

We hope this article has helped you know more about the registration department kerala. For any other real estate information, check out our website and stay updated.


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