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Simar Nagi | 08 Dec 2022

Are You Planning to Move to Gurugram With Family? Read These 5 Factors Before You Do So

Are You Planning to Move to Gurugram With Family? Read These 5 Factors Before You Do So

The political capital of India, Delhi, is one of the most visited cities in India as well as in the world. It's a city with a high standard of living, and this place has a completely different aura and vibes to it. With so many jobs and lucrative investment opportunities waiting for you, you will surely find yourself attracted to this city. But wait!! Have you ever heard about Gurugram (previously known as Gurgaon)? Based on the Delhi-Haryana border, you will find another best place to stay near Delhi, and that is - GURUGRAM. 

Gurugram is India's second-largest IT hub and the third-largest hub in the finance and banking sector. Situated to the South of Delhi in the state of Haryana, Gurugram is a classic blend of London, New York, and Mumbai. To put it simply, it is a confluence of the extremes. Some call Gurugram the "Cyber Hub City," whereas others call it the "Heart of India's Golfing Country". Well, whatever be the name, the city has so much to offer when it comes to living here. 

Besides this, while we know that moving or relocating can be overwhelming, moving with a family has a separate set of difficulties. When you're relocating alone, you just have to think about yourself, but when you move with your family, you'll have to give utmost importance to the well-being of all your family members before opting for a home, when and where exactly to relocate to Gurugram. 

For sure, the likes, dislikes, and priorities differ from one family to another, but there is a list of things that every family in common needs to consider while moving to Gurugram with family. After all, when we relocate to a new city, we all expect the betterment of our whole family; otherwise, there's no point in relocating. Hence, it is crucial to note things well and then take a call on relocating to Gurugram with family.

5 Essential Things to Consider When Relocating to Gurugram With Family

1. Consider Educational Opportunities in the New City

Education is something that cannot be ignored! And, if you have got kids with you, then educational opportunities in the city become one of the most important things to consider. Make sure to conduct enough research about whether or not there are high-quality schools and colleges in the nearby areas. 

As your children will have to leave their old friends and school behind and shift to a new city with you. In such a situation, if they don't get a comfortable replacement, things will get really difficult for your little ones. So, you must not miss out on educational opportunities in Gurugram while planning the move to a great city. And in fact, Gurugram has a lot of excellent schools and colleges. 

2. Think About the Home Size 

Another important thing to consider while moving to Gurugram with family is the home size. While you look for a home in the new city, make sure you keep in mind the amount of space needed for your family to fit in. Apart from that, if your family is growing or you have plans of growing your family in the upcoming years, consider that too. This is because the larger your family will get, the more home space you will need. Likewise, if your family is small, it will be a good decision if you do not go for a big house and save a few bucks instead. 

Therefore, it's vital to consider your family's needs now and in the future so that you end up buying a house that will serve your family's needs on a long-term basis. And, in Gurugram, you will find a home of every size that will perfectly match your needs. 

3. Consider the Climate and Weather of the City

The city's climate and weather conditions are other important things that require due consideration while planning to move with the family. To be very honest, the weather in Gurugram is not so pleasant, and further, it depends. The city experiences a continental climate. The summers are hot and humid because of the presence of the Thar Desert nearby. And the problem becomes worse with frequent power cuts. This altogether makes dwelling in the city pretty much uncomfortable in summer. 

In winter, the temperature falls to 3 degrees, and there's even some rainfall experienced in the city due to the Western Disturbances. In short, winters are cold and foggy, with fewer sunny days. Moreover, the monsoons are also prominent in Gurugram. 

4. Smart-Spending and Communication are Key When Buying Home 

After all, we all would love to save some money when it comes to home-buying. And for this reason, smart spending and communications are the keys when moving to Gurugram with family. It undoubtedly goes without saying that Gurugram is an expensive city that is highly striving to match global standards. 

So, if you are considering renting a house in Gurugram, make sure you communicate the expenses and bills with your landlord. Or else, be ready to say goodbye to your salary before the month ends. In addition to this, we suggest you rent the furniture instead of buying it in order to save big. You can get furniture on rent on multiple top websites, and that too at pocket-friendly prices. And once you save big, you can move forward towards buying them instead of renting. 

5. You Can Easily Get the Cosmopolitan Here

Last but not least, whether it's drink or the crowd, you and your family can easily get cosmopolitan in Gurugram. Housing 250+ branch offices out of the Fortune 500 companies and MNCs, Gurugram is the home to the ambitious-minded people and, of course, is a top-most choice for many ex-pats. This naturally gives rise to shopping complexes, malls, world-class restaurants, pubs, etc. 

An infrastructurally developed city; perhaps its biggest minus is that it has let go of its legendary roots. However, this means that you and your family will find a cosmopolitan crowd and like-minded people sailing in the same boat. And this is truly a huge bonus for any new resident in an unknown city. Besides this, Gurugram is a melting pot of diverse cultural identities and ethnicities. 

To conclude, moving to a new city like Gurugram with family should not be challenging, especially if you are moving from another megacity like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, etc. But believe us, Gurugram will not disappoint you at any level. So, before you pack your bags and move to a new place, it is always advisable to know it better so that you can take the necessary course of action as and when required. 

Also, finding a home in Gurugram is now a piece of cake with Clicbrics. With a professional staff, wide customer base, multiple success stories, and years of expertise, we at Clicbrics can help you find your dream home in Gurugram at the right price. So, call us now and get ready to have an excellent living experience in Gurugram. 

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