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30 Aug 2019

Parental Tips On Choosing The Perfect Mattress For Your Kids

Parental Tips On Choosing The Perfect Mattress For Your Kids

Hey fabulous parents! Are you keeping tracks on your kids' good sleep? This time, we are highlighting some critical points which you may have been missing or lack sufficient information. Sleep directly impacts your kids' memory, immune system, growth and daily activities. The mattress type plays a significant role. Hence, take note of the tips when you shop a mattress for your little ones.

1. For new parents who are likely in a confused and clueless state

While selecting a crib and mattress in it for your newly-born, consider safety and comfort in the first place. A too-soft mattress may cause the little one sink and suffocate. While shopping, consult the materials that will provide sufficient ventilation in the mattress. Don't bother about spending a little extra. An excellent quality mattress will ensure safety and no harmful toxins.

2. The role of firmness and durability in a mattress

Firmness matters to the kids who are below 18 months as it helps in the shape, size, and proper development of your precious little ones. Once they start to grow, the kids become more restless and jump on their beds. Hence, look for a high-quality mattress which will not wear out quickly and work for many years. Let them jump as much as they want.

3. The right sized mattress

When your kids start to grow in height, consider buying a bigger mattress and bed. Adjusting in a small mattress will result in your kids hanging their feet beyond the mattress size and hurt the legs. Or else, they will squeeze while sleeping, which will again interfere with the body's growth.

4. The four basic types of mattresses - innerspring and foam

An innerspring mattress is suitable for all age groups. It is firm, sturdy and has a longer lifespan. The popularity is also because of its affordability. A foam mattress is a complete no-no for infants and toddlers. Your older child can use it. As it is soft, the foam mattress is useful in relieving body aches. Fibres used prevents allergy-causing dust mites, thus giving health benefits.

5. The four basic types of mattresses - hybrid and organic

A hybrid mattress has elements of both innerspring and foam mattress. It provides a smooth sleeping surface. Besides sleeping, it makes reading, watching television kind of activities more comfortable. An organic mattress is chemical-free and flame resistant. It will be the safest choice for your infants. It will keep the baby cool in summer and warm in winter. It is relatively high-priced.



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