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27 Jun 2019

Nursery Design Tips That Parents Will Absolutely Love For Their Toddlers

Nursery Design Tips That Parents Will Absolutely Love For Their Toddlers

With babies coming into a family, the joy is beyond measure and words. Parents tend to give newly born everything to the best of their abilities, and it probably starts with a nursery. Keeping in mind the trends and how a nursery is going to be the central space for many years at home, we are sharing the best compilation of nursery ideas for your baby's well-being and comfort. 

1. Closet with no doors for your baby's nursery

A closet with no doors - the tip is practical and convenient. With the need for parents to function almost 24x7 for their babies, having no door policy in the closet will let them work faster. Also, the sound of opening and closing the doors now and then will disturb your kid from sleeping soundly. With just the right fit of rods and shelves, the closet will be good to go!

2. A nursery where the crib outshines

If you are expecting, make no further delays in purchasing one such oval-shaped crib. It is safe and looks great. Once your little love arrives at home and starts living with you all, in no time he/she would be grown and you will realise it seeing the baby's size matching to that with the crib. The design is such that you can use the crib till the time your toddler becomes a fully grown kid. 

3. For the ones who wish to go with bold colours and patterns

Isn't it an amazing theme to incorporate bold colours and patterns in the nursery? The theme may just represent your expression of the joy of having newly born as the most precious part of your lives. On the other hand, bold and contrasting colours are meant to attract your baby's vision and aid in brain growth. Let the development of your baby begin from the nursery itself.

4. How about your baby's name in the nursery?

Most of you have surely lived your married life thinking of a name for your future baby. As the time has finally arrived, you have every opportunity and right to celebrate the name by customising and displaying it in many ways in the nursery. The letters can be framed on the wall, monogram baby’s name on sheets or pillows, use accessories and many more.

5. Cottage-inspired nursery for those who love to go with plain and mild shades

A single glance at the picture can make anyone feel peace and calm. This style of nursery would be more suitable for a baby girl. While working out on a cottage-inspired nursery, the light pink colour would do wonders. The powder blue equally works for the cottage theme.



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