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07 Jan 2019

Must Follow Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Healthy And Clean

Must Follow Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Healthy And Clean

It would be right to say that your bathroom is the smallest and a high-traffic room in your home. However, you might be cleaning and maintaining it the wrong way. The following hacks are easy to perform and will change the way you clean your bathroom and keep it clean and fresh for longer

Make Your Bathroom A Dry Place

The bathroom is a humid area of the house as the amount of water used is frequent. It is also a perfect place for germs and bacteria to breed, toilet seat being the first prone area. Hence, begin the hygiene regime of your bathroom by keeping all the areas dry as much as you can. Image Source - carpetcleanerorangecounty.com

The Floor Should be Clean

While sweeping the floor, do not neglect the extreme corners and this rule applies to the sweeping regime of the entire house. Concerning your bathroom floor, sweep it correctly and if found, put the trash in the dustbin always. Image Source - realsimple.com

The Process Of Disinfection

Toilet flush handles, door knobs, faucets, paper towel dispensers, stall locks, light switches are some of the high touch areas in the bathroom. To kill the disease-causing germs, apply disinfectants on a specific surface for several minutes. The toilet seat is one major area to focus on. Prefer to use products like toilet seat sanitizer spray. Image Source - nbcnews.com

Shower Rules

Make it a rule that the one who takes a shower shall wipe down the walls, tub, and shower doors. Then, quickly open the window and turn on the exhaust fan. And do not forget to stretch the shower curtain open to help dry faster. Also, use water repellent on shower walls and doors to help water, minerals, and soap scum get removed. Image Source - thisisweaver.com

Take Proper Care Of The Toilet

How often do you change your toilet brush? Remember to clean the toilet brush with disinfecting detergent after every use. Make sure to change the brush at least once every six months. Ventilate your toilet after every use to reduce the level of humidity in the room. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly as it also helps reduce the risk of slips and falls. Image Source - shopify.com



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