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05 Feb 2019

Make Your Living Space Clutter-Free and Inviting with Minimal Decor Ideas

Make Your Living Space Clutter-Free and Inviting with Minimal Decor Ideas

Let’s take a look around your home. Look at all the personal items in your living space carefully. Is it important to keep it there? Or can you remove it? Yes, minimalism is all about – “less is more”. The lesser the objects, the cleaner it looks. These days, minimalist decorating style is the latest decorating trend on the block. Here are a few ideas to experience this new trend for a change

Empty Space

Empty space is considered a desirable element in minimalist decor since a little space interacts with the items and defines the visual balance. Your living room has plenty of empty space where you can put a simple flower base and some of your essential item. Image Source - starcleanltd.co.uk

Get Organized

Creating a minimalist home means you need to get rid of clutter. Stick to important items only and store the rest items in storage. This kitchen is a perfect way to shows how using cabinets can give the impression of enough space while staying trendy. Image Source -gainesvillecarpetsplus.com

Use Light Colours

To create a well-lit room, light colors such as white is perfect as it creates a feeling of openness. Light colors are one of the important elements in a minimalist decorating style. A flowing white color will soothe your eyes. Image Source -architecturaldigest.com

Accent Decorations

Having a minimalist home doesn’t mean you need to avoid decorations. You have to use decorative elements as accents and not involve too much stuff in your home. Similarly, if you want to keep art pieces, pick one focal piece instead of a group. Less certainly is more! Image Source -donpedrobrooklyn.com

More Windows

Bare windows are perfect for creating a minimalist style. Yes, if you can just leave your windows bare and let the natural light pour in, it would create a charm of minimalist style. In case, if privacy is an issue, then you can use the sheer curtains or you can use blinds. It will bring in a lot of sunlight and will add the aesthetic value of the living space! Image Source -ikea.com



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