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06 Aug 2018

Let Your Blank Walls Take Center Stage With 7 Wall Decorating Ideas

Let Your Blank Walls Take Center Stage With 7 Wall Decorating Ideas

If you are looking for something new to decorate your walls, or you just move into a new living space and are starting from scratch, then why not try some wall decorating ideas to try this week? We thought it would be a great fun to give you some tricks that that can amp up your blank walls and bring freshness.

Large Wall Mural

A large wall mural can set the tone in a living space. Whether you choose a pencilled impression or choose a wall covering, the mural will make a big impact. So, let your walls transport you to another place. Image Source :- furnitureremovalau.com

Geometric Wall Accessory

A free-flowing geometric flower decoration on the wallcan make an eye-catching visual when framed against a blank wall. This geometric flower wall art resembles an endless sequence of blossoms. Image Source :- ae01.alicdn.com

Ceramic Vignette

The ceramic showpiece, created from various elements, can be used to create a textured vignette. The ceramic vignette can set a rustic and earthy tone and commands attention. It stands out as the creative piece of the wall decor. Image Source :- homeanddecor.com


Maps are the one thing which is not going out of style anytime soon, and it adds class to your living space. Hang it on your wall, and you can easily see the world from the comfort of your couch. Image Source :- thelimeybrit.com

Wall Decal Stickers

Try wall decal stickers this time and they are widely available online. It comes in a sticker or wall-cling materials. There is an endless number of styles and designs are available like a shape like stars or polka dots or quotes. Image Source :- dhresource.com

Mirror Display

Add mirrors to your wall space. It canbrighten a space and make it feel bigger. Whether you choose an oversized mirror or a series of smaller mirrors, it will create light throughout your apartment. Image Source :- i.pinimg.com

Calendar Wall

Don't have enough time to hang up your artwork? Simply put a larger calendar on your wall and it can turn a blank wall into a stylish wall. Image Source :- thumbs.modthesims2.com



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