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alisha | 14 May 2019

Key Things To Consider Before Investing In Indian Real Estate Market

Key Things To Consider Before Investing In Indian Real Estate Market

A smart investment has the potential to change your lives, and turn your dreams into reality. Most of the people in today's generation prefer to have an investment portfolio comprising of stocks, gold, government schemes, and some more. 

However, real estate remains one significant investment where more and more population are taking interest and investment in it is growing. Also, the fact that the economic boom of India and an increase in the average income of its citizens have contributed a lot to the growing popularity of the real estate industry. Real estate never loses demand or value. Hence, investing in it can be a great move. The investment in real estate offers returns far higher than any other traditional investment options. Considering the vastness of the industry, one might tend to get confused and worried. Considering the following factors and learning about them will be profitable for you before you make a move in real estate.

1. Location of the Property

Before deciding upon a property, see how attractive is the location. Make sure your property location is in proximity to educational institutes, banks, business centres, hospitals, schools, market, etc. Such locations are bound to have a greater demand.

2. Research the Property

Salesman are typical sweet talkers. Therefore, do not blindly fall for their words. With a number of project options being catered to you, it can get confusing to choose the ideal one for you. Do your homework by checking the amenities on offer, the history and reputation of the developer, the materials used in the property, etc.

3. Know about the Future Development of the Area

In case, you do not find every necessity in terms of infrastructure in the location, you can learn about the future developments of the place. Investing in the property right away could be a beneficial decision for you as the future development of the place has the maximum chances of increasing the property's value.

4. Calculate your Finances and Risk Factors

In order to meet your investment goals, it's important to calculate and have a check in your finances. While applying for loans from banks, calculate the interest and other factors. By risk factors, we mean the legal hurdles and property disputes which are common in India. Hence, one should ensure that the property they are interested in is hassle-free.

5. Check Market Rates of the Properties

Keeping a track on the market rates will help you track local trends. By doing so, you can stay safe from getting scammed into paying a higher amount than what a property deserves. Along with the market rate, negotiation is another key aspect of the Indian real estate sector. Everyone looks for a deal which comes with negotiation and helps to save some amount of money.


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