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Simar Nagi | 03 Mar 2023

How Financial Year 2022-23 will increase the rates of Noida Film City?

How Financial Year 2022-23 will increase the rates of Noida Film City?

Investing in real estate is always a great way to boost your income. In case you are wondering which would be the best place where you can invest and get high returns then the answer is Noida Film City. It has become a hotspot when we talk about investment, it is because of its well-planned infrastructure. 

Many top MNCs have moved to Noida from Gurgoan. The interest of developers to acquire land has also increased, and why shouldn't it? even the Government itself is taking plenty of initiatives for the growth and development of Film City Noida. The below-mentioned reasons will make a compelling case why investing in the Noida Film City real estate will be your best decision ever. 

Why Invest in UP Film City?  

1. Jewar Airport 

Film City Noida, real estate prices are quite affordable at this moment but they are sure to rise after the construction of Jewar Airport. The talk about the Jewar Airport has indeed become thenumber one attraction for everyone. The construction work started in December 2018 and it is stated to be the biggest airport in India. Now it is easy to imagine the development plan that is soon going to happen in the Yamuna Expressway region. This will make Noida Film City the real deal for investment. The further plan is to build a two runway airport by 2024 and expand it to 7200 acres and six-runways. Thus investing in the real estate of Film City Noida will happen to be the investment of your life. 

2. High rise in job opportunities 

Job opportunities in Noida have increased. Many IT companies have set their base in this city whereas many other organizations are transferring themselves to Film City Noida. With the expected increase in the price of the realty and shifting of top companies, the job opportunities have started to rise. 

3. Excellent infrastructure with proper planning 

Noida is one of the best-organized  cities. When we talk about Yamuna Expressway it is known to be a world-class highway. The area near Film City Noida has a variety of parks, hospitals, and schools which makes it an excellent city with excellent infrastructure. For transportation, the city offers a metro. Noida not only has great connectivity but big shopping malls and commercial spaces. 

4. High Return on Investment. 

Noida has the potential to offer a high Return on Investment in the upcoming years due to many new big commercial projects lined up. The developments which are happening in the Noida region and the Government initiatives have provided people with the opportunity to buy a property in Noida city. 

5. Increase in the interest of investors.  

The Film City is not only the charm that attracts the investors to invest but also the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority has allotted 300 acres of land for the establishment of Patanjali Food and Herbal Park in Greater Noida which is why investors are alert and keeping an eye on the properties. Lava International is going to invest 2000 crores in Greater Noida whereas top organizations like LG and Micromax have already evinced interest in acquiring property in Noida.


How Uttar Pradesh Film City will create an impact on Real Estate?

  • UP Chief Minister has not only invited the film industry but also informed that the place is going to benefit from having an electronic city and financial district. Digital technology has added more value to the film city. The film city has also managed to attract tourists and will provide them with utilities, starring hotels, resorts, and entertainment zone. 

  • The film city has positively impacted the real estate in and around Noida. The initiative proposed by the government is bound to have a cheerful effect on the economy. Thus, the film city will not only attract the best talent but also the employment rate of support staff, and security guards will also increase.

  • Developers believe that in upcoming years the demand for luxury housing will increase and will lead to creating a powerful impact on Uttar Pradesh Film City property rates. As the demand for luxury housing will make Noida a robust luxury destination. Working for Bollywood, people will demand penthouses, villas, and luxury apartments so, the property value will rise with the demand for more lavish properties.  

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