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Simar Nagi | 28 Jun 2022

Yes, You Can Find the Value of Your Property in Just 3 Clicks. Find Out How!

Yes, You Can Find the Value of Your Property in Just 3 Clicks. Find Out How!

Now that you have landed on this blog, it must be because you are wondering what the value of your property is. It’s not that COVID-19 affected only the real estate market, but we all have been affected by it. The less we come in contact with each other, the better! Today whatever we want, we rely on technology for answers. Doubt it? Well, think yourself-

  • If you wish to have midnight munchies, you Swiggy or Zomato, 

  • If you want to get vegetables in 15-20 mins, Blinkit delivers, 

  • If you wish to buy clothes, you use Amazon, Flipkart etc. 

So, don't you think technology should bless us with some property valuation calculator in order to get access to a fair price? 

Ding ding ding! We have a winner, the days of depending on real estate agents to know the value of a property are far left behind. Technology has finally blessed us with a property valuation calculator tool which enables finding the true value of the property with just 3 clicks. Introducing Clicworth, a home valuation tool specifically designed to provide you leverage over property prices with at least 90% accuracy. Let’s explore more about Clicworth and how you can use it to know the property’s value.

Property Valuation Calculator: Clicworth 

Clicworth, the property valuation calculator tool, is introduced by Clicbrics, which is India’s online real estate platform. In order to make good investment decisions, Clicbrics provides complete transparency to buyers. It also helps sellers with the liquidity required to complete real estate transactions and developments carefree. With this aim in mind, Clicbrics created Clicworth, a new paradigm for India’s online real estate marketplace that combines expertise in real estate and technology.  

Clicworth is an AI-based tool that helps consumers access the fair price of any property they are interested in. We can proudly state that the property valuation tool by Clicbrics is a kind of investment in the future of the real estate market of India. 

Clicworth has successfully extracted the data via AI and Machine Learning which has made the process of finding the property’s worth quite easy. In order to find out the price of the property you are interested in, all you require is the following information-

  1. Address or Locality 

  2. Type of Property (Apartment/ Independent Floor/ Villa/ Plot)

  3. Floor

  4. Apartment Configuration (1BHK/2BHK/3BHK/4BHK)

  5. Apartment Size (in sq ft or sq yard

Steps to Find The Value of Your Property

value of your property

STEP1- Visit here and enter the address, project or locality you are interested in

STEP2- Choose floor

STEP3- Enter the area and check Clicworth 

Just these 3 simple steps, and then Clicworth will provide you with the estimated range of the property. The evaluated price will also be followed by an Affordability Calculator that will detail the basic down payment, home loan EMI, home loan interest rate and home loan tenure. 

If you encounter any realtor stating that your dream home is out of your budget, log on to Clicworth and discover the price yourself! 

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