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Ipsa Rai | 17 Feb 2023

DLC Rates In Rajasthan: Steps, Types

DLC Rates In Rajasthan: Steps, Types

Table of Content:

  1. What Are DLC Rates​
  2. Types of DLC Rates In Rajasthan
  3. How To Search New DLC Rates In Rajasthan

The DLC rate in Rajasthan is something prospective property owners in the state should be aware of. The District Level Committee (DLC) rate is imposed by the Government of Rajasthan if you are in the process of purchasing real estate in the state. 

The DLC rates in Rajasthan are used as the basis for calculating the stamp duty that must be paid when purchasing immovable assets like houses, plots of land, flats, and other similar things.

What Are DLC Rates?

The term "DLC rate" refers to the minimum value used in the calculation of a property's stamp duty. If the DLC rate in Rajasthan is higher than the market value of the property, the stamp duty will need to be paid according to the market value instead of the DLC rate. In the event that the DLC rate is lower than the market value, the stamp duty will be calculated based on the higher of the two rates.

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Types of DLC Rates In Rajasthan

There are two groups of DLC rates in Rajasthan:

• Exterior

• Interior

When calculating stamp duty, the exterior DLC rate for Rajasthan is taken into consideration when the property in question is located alongside a major road.

In the event that the property in question is not situated immediately adjacent to a primary road, the calculation of the stamp duty will involve the interior DLC rate.

How To Search New DLC Rates In Rajasthan?

The following is a list of the steps that can be taken to find out the DLC Rates:

Step one: Navigate to the Registration and Stamps Department of Rajasthan's official website.

Step Two: On the left-hand tab, under “E-Citizen” select "DLC Rates". You will be directed to a new website page where you will be prompted to choose a particular district within the state.

Step Three: Next, choose your location, either urban or rural.

Step Four: Determine which of the three options is most applicable to your location. Additional details, including the zone name, colony name, a captcha, and a prompt to enter the captcha, will appear on the screen. In order to obtain the DLC rates, you will need to input this information and then click the "Show Result" button.

Step Five: After this, you will find the DLC rates for both the exterior and the interior.

You can also obtain information on the old and new DLC rates by visiting the official website of the Registration & Stamps Department of the State Government. 


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