| 09 Jun 2021

Decor Items With The Round Shape Are In

Decor Items With The Round Shape Are In

Push the envelope of your home interiors with round-shaped decor items. 

Image Source - bocadolobo.com

A round mirror

Make a style statement with a round mirror. It fits well in any room of your home. Image Source - www.costco.co.uk

A round table

Be it a centre table in the living room or a side coffee table, consider a round-shaped this time when you shop. Image Source - amazon.com​

A round ottoman

Ottoman is a popular multi-purpose piece of furniture. The round shape of an ottoman makes it a better and safer choice than the sharp-edged table. Image Source - shopify.com​

A round cushion

Complete the look of your favourite couch with a round cushion and enhance the level of comfort when you lean on it. Image Source - shopify.com​


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