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Gaurav Srivastava | 19 Dec 2022

3 Important Factors To Help You Buy A Home In The Right Location

3 Important Factors To Help You Buy A Home In The Right Location

It is common to see buyers hesitating even after shortlisting a few properties. It is because they tend to get confused about the best suitable location for them to buy a home. 

Having a home in the right location ensures a good quality of life. So, when you are looking to buy a home, you should never overlook the location factor. As in the real estate market, location is considered a mantra, and it is because having a home in the right location ensures high returns on investment. Let's assume you have successfully shortlisted two locations that are similar in price range and in your preferred location. However, there are still certain factors that you need to consider when looking for a home in the right location.

1. What is the connectivity with your workplace

Among the properties that you have shortlisted, ascertain each's connectivity to your office. If your workplace is way too far from your home, then there's no point in investing in that location. In case you invest, then you will be spending a huge amount on daily conveyance costs from home to work and vice versa. Also, commuting too far on a daily basis will adversely affect your health and destroy your social life. But travelling time can be cut if you have a metro or bus, and your health will not be affected. 

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2. Proximity to important marketplaces

Currently, wherever you live, you must have basic needs for which you go to nearby marketplaces. Hence, the same comfort you would be expecting in your new home, which is why when looking for a home, you should consider the proximity to important services like markets, healthcare, schools, etc. In order to fulfil your daily requirements, you need to buy a home that has the presence of basic amenities and markets.

3. Consider future aspects of the property

Since global warming is becoming a major concern, residents of metropolitan cities are facing many health-related issues. Homebuyers check if the property can easily get sufficient natural light and whether or not the property is equipped to conserve energy. When buying a home, consider checking the areas surrounding the property for good greenery to avoid air pollution. Also, having a property near the upcoming highway can increase your home's price, but at the same time, health-related concerns from the regular pollution due to the busy highway can become a concern. So it would be beneficial to consider the right location to buy a home rather than focus entirely on the financial factor. 

By hoping to receive high returns on their investment, buyers tend to buy a home where they see good future potential. So when you step out to shop for a new home, make sure you are not entirely focusing on what's appealing to you. Instead, keep the objective qualities in mind, like amenities and social and physical infrastructure. Having social and physical infrastructure nearby tends to appreciate the value of property over time.

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