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Simar Nagi | 16 May 2023

Bangalore Chennai Expressway: Distance, Route Map & Cost Involved

Bangalore Chennai Expressway: Distance, Route Map & Cost Involved

Table of Content:

  1. Bangalore Chennai Expressway: Overview​
  2. Bangalore Chennai Expressway: Key Information
  3. Bangalore To Chennai Expressway: Distance
  4. Bangalore Chennai Expressway: Route Map
  5. Bangalore Chennai Expressway: Cost
  6. Toll Charges For The Bangalore To Chennai Expressway
  7. How Real Estate Will Benefit From The Bangalore-Chennai Expressway
  8. A Final Take On The Bangalore Chennai Expressway

The Bangalore Chennai expressway is currently under construction to improve connectivity between these two major Indian cities. The Bangalore to Chennai expressway is expected to be a four-lane, access-controlled motorway that will cover a distance of approximately 260 kilometers. To gain more knowledge about this motorway, continue reading this informative article, where you will discover how this highway will benefit the Indian real estate industry. 


Bangalore Chennai Expressway: Overview

PM Narendra Modi laid the foundation for the Bangalore Chennai Expressway, officially known as NE-7, in May 2022. The project was initiated to improve connectivity and is also expected to boost economic growth in the region by facilitating the faster and more efficient movement of goods and services. The NHAI developed the four-lane elevated Bangalore to Chennai expressway. The motorway project is divided into four phases and costs around Rs 18,000 crore. According to the Chennai Bangalore Expressway latest news, around 15% of the project is already complete, and the motorway is expected to be completed by 2024. 


Bangalore Chennai Expressway: Key Information

Below you will find some notable information on the Bangalore-to-Chennai expressway.


 Developed by

 National Highway Authority of India

 Initiated Point

 Hoskote, Karnataka


 Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu 


 260 km

 States Covered

  • Karnataka - 71km 

  • Andhra Pradesh (85 km) 

  • Tamil Nadu 106km 

 Number of Lanes

 Four but can get expanded to eight





 Project Model  

 Hybrid Annuity Model 

 Speed Limi


Bangalore To Chennai Expressway: Distance 

The motorway project covers a distance of 260.85km. Commuters will use the four-lane Greenfield motorway from Hoskote, near Bengaluru, Karnataka, to Sriperumbudur, near Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


Bangalore Chennai Expressway: Route Map

The Bangalore-Chennai expressway will reduce the distance between the cities from 300 to 262 km. Bangalore and Chennai are connected via Hosur, Krishnagiri, Kolar-KGF-Venkatagirikota, and Vellore. 

The motorway will pass through the below-mentioned cities and states:

  • Hoskote, Karnataka 

  • Malur, Karnataka

  • Venkatagirikota, Andhra Pradesh 

  • Palamaner, Andhra Pradesh 

  • Gudiyatham, Tamil Nadu

  • Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu 

  • Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu

Bangalore Chennai Expressway: Cost 

There is approximately Rs 18000 crore involved in building the Bangalore-to-Chennai expressway. Of this, Rs 5700 crore is expected to be utilized for the construction work by the National Highway Authority of India. The rest will be utilized for land acquisition, the toll gate system, project administration, etc. 

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Toll Charges For The Bangalore To Chennai Expressway

The toll rates for the Bangalore Chennai Expressway are expected to be higher than other expressways due to the project's high construction costs and the need to recover these costs. 

  • Lightweight vehicles like cars will be Rs 0.65/km. 

  • Goods vehicle and minibus will be Rs 1.05/km

  • Trucks and buses will be charged Rs 2.20/km

  • Oversized trucks will be Rs 4.20/km.


How Real Estate Will Benefit From The Bangalore-Chennai Expressway

It is a fact that Tier 1 cities like Bangalore and Chennai tend to attract tourists. And now that highway is part of the 26 new green expressways proposed by the Central Government, it will eventually improve connectivity. The improved connectivity provided by the Bangalore-Chennai Expressway is expected to attract new businesses and industries to the area, which will create job opportunities and drive economic growth. This, in turn, is likely to lead to an increase in demand for residential properties, especially in the vicinity of the expressway. The micro-market will start to get established, thus raising the real estate market price in the Bangalore Chennai Motorway area and nearby areas. 

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A Final Take On The Bangalore Chennai Expressway

The Bangalore Chennai Expressway will result in shorter travel times, increased connectivity, and smoother travel. Moreover, the expressway will result in the faster-than-ever transit of products and services, which will stimulate economic expansion. 

Furthermore, the Chennai-Bangalore expressway will motivate additional businesses and sectors to support the growth. As a result, the two cities that the Bangalore-Chennai Expressway would connect will provide a huge boost to India's economy and real estate market


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