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Marketing Team | 27 Jan 2023

A Big Opportunity to owning your own home in NCR

A Big Opportunity to owning your own home in NCR

When planning to buy a home in the northern region of the country, the cities of National Capital Region and Delhi come up in everyone’s mind as one of the safest and best options for investment. The market of NCR is not only a big opportunity for investment but also found as one of the best regions for real estate investment by market pros.

The echoing opportunities present in the real estate market of NCR is presenting buyers with great investment plans in the region along with coming up with great options for owning a home in one of the most demanding regions of the country. Those who want to own a home in the NCR have the advantage of time as well as favorable policies at the moment to pay heed to. Here is why it can be a Big Opportunity to owning your own home in NCR-

Great employability and interconnectivity

The National Capital region is undoubtedly the hub of industries in the entire country. Especially the Millennium city Gurugram stands as one of the world’s best cities for Information technological industries, which is why companies like Google have their offices in the city. This is offering unconditional job opportunities to the people not only in Delhi but all over the nation. Owing to this eye-catching employability characteristic, reputed builders are laying the foundations of various projects in NCR. Properties and flats in faridabad and Noida are also witnessing incredible investment opportunities due to the establishment of significant industries in the city. Thus, the need of interconnectivity between the cities is also well established. The six-lane FNG expressway has paved way for attractive real estate opportunities in Faridabad. The betterment of connectivity in NCR has reduced the hitherto long struggle of commutation between the neighboring cities. It is saving the time of a lot of people and bringing new builders to take advantage of this situation with innovative projects.

Favourable policies

Favourable government policies are a huge push through factor for driving the real estate market of the NCR region. Be it RERA, reduction in circle rates in the NCR or the widespread advertisement of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna initiative, it is ultimately helping the real estate of cities like Faridabad witness a considerable boom. The reduction in circle rates especially has paved way for a larger investment plan both among builders and buyers in the region. This is bringing the most opportune moment for buyers to own the house of their dreams in the NCR region of the country. Also, the lack of space for affordable housing in posh areas of Delhi has paved a great way for such projects to be placed in cities of the national capital region. The flats and properties in Faridabad are presenting a great opportunity for buyers in terms of affordability and newly built establishments in the city. While various favorable policies are safeguarding the interests of the buyers, they are also promoting reputed builders to take more initiatives for building class and excellence in homes.

Choices for housing

One of the many reasons why the national capital region of the country holds a big opportunity for people to own their dream homes is because of the large range of prices that it offers. One can lurk around the luxury sector of homes along with affordable homes both in the NCR region. May builders are coming up with innovative projects that are well equipped with basic and luxurious amenities to satisfy the needs of the people from time to time. This is quite catching the eyes of people as everyone wants a home that fits their budget and lifestyle. So, out of the many housing configurations available at ranging prices, the buyer can easily choose among them and settle with what fits them the best.

Planning to buy a house is an easy task, what makes it difficult is to choose the appropriate location that provides the advantage of the neighborhood as well as offers a great investment option. The real estate market of NCR however, presents a big opportunity to the buyers in terms of both of these aspects. So, with favorable time around the corner, considering NCR is a great option for owning your dream home.

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