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Marketing Team | 12 Dec 2022

7 Awesome Ideas for Making Your TV Room Look Luxurious and Timeless

7 Awesome Ideas for Making Your TV Room Look Luxurious and Timeless

These days, almost every modern house is dominated by television. Even if your TV is switched off, it still holds an important place in your house and attracts attention. So designing a specific space for TV will create a visual impact in our house. so, we decided to make this article in order to give you inspiring ideas on how to integrate your TV into your room.

Uniting Factor

TV is a great medium when it comes to uniting the family. It is usually family time and when it is installed in the partition wall, it hardly matters what’s behind the TV. In fact, using the simple wooden partition wall holding the TV is basically not dividing the room; it is integrating the space to welcome the family to watch their favourite shows together. Image Source - habitat-my.com

A Couch Potato

While watching the FIFA World cup with your family, the only thing in mind that comes is a comfortable couch and TV. Well, then this amazing idea is for you. There is nothing more relaxing than a couch potato where you can easily sink in. The minimalist décor in the room and soothing tones can create a perfect ambience. Image Source -hgtvhome.sndimg.com

Create a Multi-Functional Space

When you fixed your TV to the wall the entire space is free to use. You can build cabinets and shelves all around the TV so that you can use them to show and decorate your shelves with prized possessions. Image Source -i.ytimg.com

Simplicity at Its Best

Layered textures of the wall are always attractive, but the TV on the wall remains the centre of attraction in this simple living room. You can use the L-shaped couch to maintain the integrity of the room. Image Source -villazbeats.com

Framed in a Box

A simple hack to make a room spacious is by framing the TV in a box-shaped wall. So, why not use the wall and frame the TV on the wooden wall to create an amazingly impressive drama in the living room? Image Source - designxy.com

Choosing the Right Decor

A TV room with a modest television set on the contemporary wall, even the tiniest nooks in your room can be turned into a comfortable TV room that serves you well. Add a cool section or a plush couch to maximize seating in the space, and also you can even add a couple of ottomans for your kids. Image Source -cdn.decoist.com

Minimal Wall Display

A minimal wall display in which the TV is the main highlight of the room and is either surrounded by a few tiny decorative pieces or by nothing at all is a great idea to hold your TV on a table without creating any distracting display. It keeps the design of the room simple as well as it eliminates distractions while you’re watching your favourite shows. Image Source -alhabibpaneldoors.com


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