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Marketing Team | 12 Dec 2022

7 Amazing Tricks to Lower Electricity Bills Without Sacrificing Your Sanity

7 Amazing Tricks to Lower Electricity Bills Without Sacrificing Your Sanity

During the summer season, your electricity bills can be an intimidating expense. After all, you can find electricity powers nearly everything in your home–from various kitchen appliances and air conditioning to entertainment devices and lights. So, lowering electricity bills doesn't require sacrificing your sanity. With a few simple tricks, you can reduce your electric bill

Cool Naturally

During the summer, one of the biggest uses of electricity in any home is the use of air conditioning. While some days are extremely hot and unbearable but on more temperate days, try to cool your space naturally. Open room windows, block sun rays from streaming in windows and use fans. This will cool the room without cranking the air conditioner. Image Source:- craftmine.com

Switch to Fluorescent Light Bulbs

One way to reduce your electric bill is to use eco-friendly light bulbs. Fluorescent light bulbs are not only eco-friendly but also better for your bank account. Try different fluorescent light bulbs to get the right color for your house. Image Source:- bestfreetemplaes.info

Cook on a Fire Pit

Instead of using the microwave, why not try barbequing? It is a great pastime and can help save on energy costs. Image Source:-bifd.org

Ditch Old Fridge and Get a New One

Get rid of old refrigerators because it’s a huge energy hog. Old refrigerators consume electricity like Homer Simpson consumes doughnuts. Therefore, if you have an old fridge, you may still end up reducing electricity bills by upgrading to a new one. Image Source:- bakersappliances.ca

Keep Blinds or Shades Closed

If your blinds or shades are kept open, the sun can easily heat up the room. Because of this, your air conditioner will take more energy to cool down your room. Image Source:- http://wcshuttersandshades.com

Plant Shady Landscape

Plant shady landscape because it is a great way to protect your home from scorching heat which will eventually reduce your air-conditioning costs and will save you money. Image Source:- completelandsculpture.com

Install Energy Efficient Windows

Another great way to save money on your electricity bill is to install energy-efficient windows. There are many tax rebates and other discounts are also available for going green. Image Source:- thurstontalk.com


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