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Gaurav Srivastava | 15 Dec 2022

6 Gadgets to Convert your Home into a Smart Home

6 Gadgets to Convert your Home into a Smart Home

Technology has been making our lives easier and more efficient for decades now. Especially after we have stayed at home for more than a year, (all thanks to the pandemic!) all of us have realized its importance and the role it plays in different aspects of our life. 

A trend amongst a variety of modern technology is that of smart homes. There was once a time where homeowners used to just dream about the day when they would not have to perform tasks manually. A time when they would have access to virtual assistants and gadgets that would make work easier. Well, believe it or not, that time is here! 

Upgrading our homes has now become the top priority and people are constantly finding ways to transform their houses into smart homes. Technology comes with convenience and that is exactly what all of us have been craving for a while now. Whether it is our busy schedule or a desire to relax at home on weekends, it is a huge relief to know that our house is safe and being looked after by these smart virtual gadgets. After all, who will want to miss out on a chance to just tap on your smartphones and get all work done? 

There are quite a few things that you can do to transform your home into a smart home. The best part is that most of these require you to just have a smartphone and an active internet connection. You can then remotely control these appliances and devices according to your comfort and convenience. 

To begin with, here are a few things that you can do on your journey to make your home a smart home. 

What can you do to make your home a smart home?

Smart Kitchens 

Ever feel like listening to your favourite playlist while cooking? All you have to do is buy a smart fridge device that will play songs for you as and when you want. In case you go to the store for grocery shopping, this device will also help you view all items that you currently have in your fridge, making your buying process easier. Even if you are away from home, smart slow cookers can virtually let you make adjustments to your cooking. Finally, you can also buy smart plates and forks that monitor your calorie intake and give you a daily overview of your diet plans. 

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Smart Outlets 

Using plugged-in electronics leads to a lot of wasted power. Even when they are not in use, they are on standby and hence lead to waste of electricity. With smart outlets, you will be notified about devices that are consuming energy and will have the freedom to turn them off just with a tap on your phone. If you do not want to use your phone to switch these outlets off daily, you can also set automated rules according to your lifestyle and requirements. These features also extend to smart light switches and power strips.


Room Temperature

We cannot escape the change in seasons year after year. Smart thermostats come to the rescue during various climatic conditions. These can be used to monitor and change the temperature of any room in your house. This modern technology also automatically detects and saves electricity when you are not around or are inactive. 

Robot Vacuums 

All homeowners spend at least an hour or two a day cleaning their homes and dusting here and there. Studies suggest that if you use this time to work or spend time with your family and friends, you lead a healthier and happy life. To put this into action, the least you can do is install smart robot vacuums that automatically take trips all around the house and take care of any dirt or trash lying around. The best part is that it does not require installation, and all you need is a charging socket. 

Security and Fire Safety

No matter where you live or the kind of home you live in, ensuring the safety of your house is the most essential. Instead of waiting to have a malfunction and then rushing to take precautions, you can install smart gadgets in your home right from day one. Surveillance cameras, secured door locks, video door phones, alarm systems, and smoke or fire detectors are some options you can choose from. 

Now that we are well aware of the changes that we can bring about in our homes to make it a smarter one, let us move on to the final step. This is to be aware of different gadgets that are worth purchasing and investing in. Many times, we are fooled by extensive marketing techniques and later on figure out that the gadget is not as effective as we initially thought it would be. The 6 gadgets mentioned below will not only make your own life easier but will also save money and time. They are easy to understand and efficient when used! 

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What are the gadgets you can invest in to make your home a smart home?

1. Echo Dot 

Echo Dot from Amazon can be your very own virtual personal assistant. If you have already got into the habit of talking to smart devices or want to start now, this gadget is the perfect option. It is affordable and is an all-in-one package! When in the mood for some entertainment, Echo Dot can be used for audiobooks, songs, podcasts, and for hearing jokes. You can also stay smart through daily news, asking questions, hands-free calling, and alarm clocks.

2. Philips White A19 LED Smart Bulb 

This is a smart lighting system that is suitable for rooms, living rooms, and any other indoor home area. They have the power to transform an ordinary room into one that is perfect for any mood and occasion. Whether you own an android or an iPhone, all you have to do is connect these bulbs to your wifi and monitor them with just a click of a button on your phone. 

3. Google Nest Cam 

Who does not like to have some peace of mind when it comes to being safe and secure at your own house? Google Nest Cam is an outdoor camera that can keep a watch over all parts of your home whether you are outside or sleeping peacefully inside. Even though there are a wide variety of security cameras available today, Google Nest Cam has undoubtedly set itself apart. Its design is simple and easy to navigate, the camera has built-in speakers, and also has a night as well as a wide field of vision for all kinds of situations. 

4. August Smart Lock 

What if we told you that gone are the days when you need to get multiple keys made for you and your close family? Gone are the days of hiding keys under mats and behind flower plants! Whenever you want to let someone in and you are not around or are busy, using the August Smart Lock, all you have to do is use your phone and send them a virtual key to your home. This small action will not only automatically unlock your main door bolt, but will also store video recordings for at least 24 hours to ensure safety and transparency. 

5. Google Nest Protect 

There are times when we tend to get paranoid and panic about leaving the gas/stove on. To save you undue stress, this smart device can detect smoke and carbon monoxide, instantly sending you a notification on your phone. Using the Google Nest Protect, all you have to do is connect the device to your phone and ensure that it is in working condition. 

6. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

It is always a task to manually regulate the temperature of your room. With Google Nest Learning thermostat, you can simply voice out your requirement to change the temperature or adjust it with the ease of your phone or laptop. This smart device is also capable of creating a schedule based on your daily temperature requirements. Did you know that the thermostat is compatible with both Alexa and your google assistant? 

If you have ever dreamt or even thought of transforming your home into a smart home, consider this a sign! However, make sure that you do not rush your decision as this one is as important as any other house decision that you may take in your daily life. Here are some factors that you can take into account before deciding what smart gadgets are suitable for you and your home - your budget, likes and preferences, experience, expectations, and lifestyle. 

Once you have given enough thought to turning your house into a smart home, you are officially ready to begin the process that will work both with you and for you, all in your favour!


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