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alisha | 20 Apr 2021

5 Wellness Features Trending In Residential Properties

5 Wellness Features Trending In Residential Properties

Ever since the people in India have experienced a lockdown due to the spread of coronavirus, they have been spending so many more hours at home. The inclusion of wellness in interior design has always been an important part but to a small amount. Post the outbreak of Covid-19, there seems to be almost an explosion of awareness towards wellness and people are now looking for as many wellness features when buying or revamp a home.​ 

Residential properties presented to the buyers by the real estate developers are primarily categorised as unfurnished, semi-furnished, and fully furnished. No matter what category of home it is, at least one feature out of the following five wellness features is a must-have. Take a look at what's trending:​

1. A space for fitness at home

If there's one thing that the pandemic has taught us all, it is the importance of our health and staying fit. Staying at home may keep us safe from the virus but lack of movement will eventually result in other health complications. Therefore, a regular workout is essential. Dedicating a space at home where one can continue with his/her fitness regime is a great idea. A home gym is what people precisely look forward to. When the current situation is not so safe to move out and hit the gym once again, creating a gym at home is the safest alternative. If not a gym, the same space can be utilised by the people who prefer yoga and meditation.

2. A check on indoor air quality

In terms of pollution, the highlight has always been on outdoor air pollution. Earlier, people spent maximum time outdoors for various purposes but with a rare global outbreak like Covid-19, people can do nothing but stay at home. Hence, improving residential air quality is on the rise. From non-toxic paints, ventilation systems, to air purifiers and other -UV-based systems, a smart home is all about improving indoor air quality and reducing pollutants from the air.

3. Smart hands-free technology

The deadly coronavirus has instilled a belief that the more hands-free we can be, the better. Smart technology at home that supports wellness is often perceived as an item of luxury. However, hands-free smart devices like a touchless faucet seems to have become common and high in demand post the Covid-19 outbreak. We have been already trying to maintain our health and hygiene standards by using soaps and sanitizers now and then to keep our hands clean. A touchless faucet is one more addition to our hand-wash routine to reduce the chances of germs spread.

4. The need for better lighting

Currently, staying at home means a lot of tasks to perform. While elders are managing their office work from home; kids have made their home a new classroom. Hence, the priority is to improve lighting by installing multiple light sources to smoothly perform the variety of tasks. Spending so much time indoors tends to keep people deprived of the benefits of natural light. Hence, a home should have a list of light fixtures that are capable of mimicking natural light, increase productivity in work, improve sleep, more relaxation to the eyes, and so on.

5. Surround home interiors with nature elements

In every home, there is at least one person who loves indulging in the art of gardening. Hence, it shouldn't be much of an effort to grow flowers, plants, and herbs. Following the current trend of "bringing the outdoors in", the greenery of the garden is now a part of home interiors. Green plants in particular are increasingly preferred as decor pieces. They are also natural air purifiers. Thus, plants and other natural elements have become important features for wellness at home.


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